Want it? Get it!

Life it this thing that we live and sometimes call it a name that I dare

are not say. But if you have ever had a bad day, then you can imagine what word(s) its been called.

Now whomever created this thing called life, well, they never said that it would be easy, but when you think about it, how hard is it to reach out and touch what's right in front of you???? Extremely hard...lol. Sometimes. Or maybe a lot of times. Or maybe it just depends on the way your life is setup?!?

Have life ever thrown you something that you wanted to throw at someone else? Of course. I've had so many shoes thrown at me to the point I just wanted to kick a few particular people with a few of them. I won't call any names though...lol.

As long as we continue to live, we will have to face obstacles, mountains, smores, and maybe even meatballs. But we have to remember that everything that life throws us, we can take and make something more of them.

Learning lessons begin now...

1. If life throws you a graham cracker, get some chocolate and marshmallows and make a smore.

2. If life throws you a package of beef, makes some meatballs for your spaghetti.

3. If life throws you some poop, start a garden.

4. If life throws you a pause button, strike a pose.

You get the drift yet?...because I can go on and on. Don't sit still while life happens to you. Put your big girl drawers on and let life know who its messing with. Whatever you are wanting to accomplish, write it down, create small goals, and work (on) it!

Just remember that if life was too easy, we wouldn't have to work so hard for the things that we cherish, and I believe anything worth fighting for requires that much more work.

Work It, Girl!

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