Bolton High School

On last Friday, I visited this school, in the great city of Alexandria. That day was not just a teaching moment for me, but a learning one as well. I've always had a heart to #SimplyHELP others, and this day, I was drawn even more to be a support.

What I learned was that some of the girls were on the Color Guard team at the school. They told me that they did not have any uniforms, and asked if I could #SimplyHELP them get some uniforms. My heart was touched, and I said, "Yes." I #Simply(Agreed2)HELP because I know the feeling of wanting to do something constructive, but not have all of the support I need. Immediately, my mind began to rumble like feet falling over the other with ideas as to how to #SimplyHELP these girls HELP themselves.

Heads up, people, if you have children, in their teens, who are interested in doing something positive, constructive, and/or worth funding, now is the time, more than ever, to be their biggest fan. 9 out 10, it is something that the child really cares about, actually good at it, and wants to be a part of.

So, what are your upcoming goals? Are they to see our chidlren succeed? What about seeing our children grow up to be great people because they were #SimplyHELPed? Do they include you #SimplyHELPing those in need? What are your upcoming goals? Just think about them.

#GOMP #SimplyHELPing #Not4FashionOrShow #ButBecauseIcare #ChangingLives I #LoveWhatIDo and I #DoWhatILove #WhereIsYourICanSpirit?

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