Prayer Humor

Today, I woke up ready to put out some Thanksgiving decor that I purchased a few weeks ago. Before I could do so, my brain sent a signal to my feet, telling them to stop walking. I immediately knew why. I had to take time to pray. . .DUH!! {Great team-work Brain and Feet!}

Over the years I have learned the importance of being very specific when I pray because God just be waiting on a set up.

Me: God I thank you for Larry, Harry, Mary, Sam, Pam, Tam, Polly, Molly, May, Jay, Lay......

God: My Jesus! Not more, huh???

Me: Tee, Dee, Lee, Lei, Pey, Cay, Petey, Wheety, Berry, Jerry......

God: My child, why are you calling out all of those names?

Me: God, why are you letting me see them as I pray?

God: Could you just close your eye?

Me: Do you see me? My eyes are closed.

God: Well open them!

God: Now!

Me: Okay, I'm done. Are you satisfied?

God: You better know it!!! I'm glad you only prayed for the deacons and deaconess. Call me before you send your request for the pastors and their wives; I may be out of town.


Have you ever prayed and began to call out people's names to God, come up for air, and then go back to calling out more names?

Lol. . .it never fails. I am that person! After praying, I just know that God is saying to himself, "Dang, how many people have I allowed her to cross paths with?"

And I'm like, "God, the way my mind set up. . .yeah you know!" And I laugh because I know he's laughing.

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