Keep Moving Foward

Good morning! Sending all praises to God, the author and finisher of our lives. If not for Him, we would not exist. So, thank you God!

As I sit at my desk doing a few updates, I hear 'keep moving forward'. Maybe you have heard the same thing lately, I don't know. But once you become stagnant, comfortable, content, settled, (and the list goes on) you stop moving. To stop moving means you give up (this applies to those dreamers). I believe that everybody's life has endless possibilities that can be achieved as long as we strive our hardest to reach them.

We know that everything will not be all gravy, per se, but we have been provided the means and resources to get the job done. Anything can happen, so whether your dreams are near or far, keep moving forward. I raise my hand to agree that there are a lot of things that I want obtain and achieve, but if I don't work to get them (keep moving forward), I will never get them. You know the scripture: "Faith without works is dead," yeah, I figured you would catch the drift. Read James 2: 14-26 for further clairfication.

So keep moving forward, keep dreaming, keep chasing those dreams, and along the way, ask questions that you don't have the answers to. Nowadays, Google seems to know it all, but remember to use all of your resources that God has so conveniently placed in your path.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may God keep and bless you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!

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