GOMP has an array of programs that each girl can participate in, and they are all FREE!!


There's the GOMP's Chomp Closet, which is a food pantry. We will be feeding all girls and families who are interested in this program for a 6 month period. 


We also have the Groovy GOMP Camp. This is a program that feeds creativity with the arts, like dance, music, theater, and more. Join us for lots of fun!


Another program that GOMP offers is the ReGOMP Retreat. Although certain age limits apply to be able to enjoy, this program focuses on retraining our thoughts as a person so that we are better people for the world.


And lastly, there is our Scholar GOMP program. GOMP is all about rewarding those who desire to be greater. We are awarding girls who have graduated high school and successfully enrolled into a university, a scholarship to be applied toward her education. 


You can find out more about these programs by clicking on the links to each one.

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