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October 13, 2018

Interested in supporting an important cause? Donate to GOMP.

When you think of donation, I'm sure your mind automatically rings up money. Just an FYI, for GOMP, your donation does not have to be money. Some examples of donations include, volunteering time to sit and tal...

Life it this thing that we live and sometimes call it a name that I dare

are not say. But if you have ever had a bad day, then you can imagine what word(s) its been called.

Now whomever created this thing called life, well, they never said that it would be easy, but when...

On last Friday, I visited this school, in the great city of Alexandria. That day was not just a teaching moment for me, but a learning one as well. I've always had a heart to #SimplyHELP others, and this day, I was drawn even more to be a support.

What I learned was tha...

Today, I woke up ready to put out some Thanksgiving decor that I purchased a few weeks ago. Before I could do so, my brain sent a signal to my feet, telling them to stop walking. I immediately knew why. I had to take time to pray. . .DUH!! {Great team-work Brain and Fe...

What results are you looking to gain? Some focus areas may include: school, work, home, life, health, etc. Whatever the case may be, get the results that you want. 

"How do I get results?" I'm glad you asked!

1. Organization is Key

First things first, determine the areas...

Good morning! Sending all praises to God, the author and finisher of our lives. If not for Him, we would not exist. So, thank you God!

As I sit at my desk doing a few updates, I hear 'keep moving forward'. Maybe you have heard the same thing lately, I don't know. But on...

September 8, 2017

So, today I set out to check on a few things outside of the house and I found that those things indirectly falls under the category of #ImprovingMySelf. 

Ways that I have worked on #Self-Improvement:

  1. Focused on what makes me happy

  2. Ensured my health is in tip top shape

  3. Read...

September 3, 2017

Hello Ladies! As you may already know, this month is Self-Improvement Month. This is the topic that GOMP will be discussing at our meetings this month. There are many ways that you can improve yourself. From looks to finances. But, what are the most important and effec...

 I know a lot of people are probably wondering what GOMP is. Well GOMP stands for Girls Only Mentorship Program. It is a program designed just for girls.


Who would have known that a few questions and concerns from a group of girls would have been developed into this?



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October 13, 2018

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December 9, 2017

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