Dear Parent or Guardian,


Girls Only Mentorship Program was designed, in 2012, comprised up of current and former educators, certified counselors, public speakers, ministers, business owners and more, to empower young girls through life's circumstances. It does not matter if these circumstances are emotional, physical, mental, or psychological, Girls Only Mentorship Program is always there. Our job is to partner with parents, and/or guardians, to focus on the needs of the young girl in a way that will HELP her thrive in a world that stops for nothing. We use the acronym HELP, which is what Girls Only Mentorship Program models: hope, encouragement, laughter, and provision. We know that having a strong background in faith is what hope is. We encourage every young girl to be themselves, but in a manner that others will want to follow their behavior. We laugh to keep from having wrinkles too early, for we are beautiful. Lastly, but not least, we provide support, whether it is emotional, social, physical or whatever the case may be.


The minimum age to join GOMP is 8 years. We do not have a maximum age because we feel that no age is too old to thrive. So, we welcome all with open arms.


Our headquarters are in Lafayette, LA, but we accept applicants from all over. Currently, we have youth in Coushatta, Natchitoches, Red River and Rapides Parishes. Right now, we are growing by the month.


We hope that you find this program to be the right fit for your daughter because we are willing to go that distance to help her become the best that she can be.



Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at



Best Wishes,



Alicia Sylve,

CEO & Founder



- It's All About Empowerment

It is not the size of your gift, but rather the notion at heart. Be sure to leave your name and email address when you leave your donation.

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